Hot Air Balloon in Luye Gaotai Taitung

How fascinating is this hot air balloon floating in mid-air and even so relaxing to watch by lying on the slope of evergreen grassland in Luye Gaotai, Taitung County.

At far sight, a small wicker basket suspends in mid-air and a wee open-flame torches beneath the ginormous balloon.

The flame burns in neither flaring like igniting red firecrackers nor combusting furiously like a welding torch, yet keeping the balloon in constant buoyant and very safe, indeed.

Up there, the same wicker basket carrying some passengers while many viewers below witness the flight with awe and seemingly yearning to take the same flight too.

To many children, before parents start to explain the science of air density inside the hot air balloon, there would have already wanting to join in.

Albeit, these children of very young age might not be eligible for the ride, there continue to dream on like a living castle in the sky till there study the topic of density in high school.

Young and old age, those striking colors of each hot air balloons in Luye Gaotai never dissapoints us.

There appear in the backdrop of blue sky above distant sea and set on the foreground of grassland. The breathtaking scene simply makes anyone eager to experience the flight in open air.

In Taitung County, Taiwan International Balloon Festia in Luye Gaotai is an annual event worth visiting during Summer season.

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