Tea Drinking Session in Alishan Mountain

There are several ways how one enjoys drinking tea in Taiwan. Tea drinking session in Alishan mountain is the best.

Well, to many city dwellers, the first thing in mind is the ubiquitous bubble tea. Sip of this iced tea turns out to be colder in the mouth than holding the cup with your hands.

Tannin but not, the sweet and fruity taste soon delight anyone with an untamed tongue. To the last drop of the 500 ml jumbo cup shall one starts to realise the urgent need to ebb away the fluid sac.

Alishan Tea

Back to the topic of different ways to enjoy tea, I would truly recommend anyone to make a trip to the Alishan National Scenic Area in Chiayi County, Taiwan.

Tea drinking session is a totally different experience from just bubble tea in the city! It’s all about arts and culture appreciation than a thirst-quenching timeout.

The Tea Drinking Session in this mountainous region is an ideal place to relax, unwind and indulge in the authentic taste of fragrant tea.

The exact location is at Kuang Hua Ting Ben Tzu Recreation Area (嘉義縣竹崎鄉光華村) and the tea-table session is hosted by the expertise from tea plantation industry in Shizhao (石棹). Both are only a short distant apart by a winding country route 159A.

The setup for tea table is simple and casual. Not need to be formal as explained by the host, however, the basic steps to make the tea is required. More essentially, is to make guests comfortable with the environment while learning the art of tea drinking.

Mainly two types of tea are served, namely Oolong Tea and Black Tea from Shizhao (石棹) tea plantation. The latter is more oxidized than oolong and green tea, plus it tastes slightly more dry and puckery feeling on taste buds.

Both are refreshing and smoothing teas. Nice smells of aroma before sipping from the small ceramic cup. The unpolished stone table makes it more natural an environment to enjoy!

Beside tea drinking session, we also had a short tour in the small community nearby Kuang Hua Ting Ben Tzu Recreation Area (嘉義縣竹崎鄉光華村). Lots of greenery and the neighborhood has friendly people to welcome anyone visiting them.

Explore a little, you will see a Plank Bridge Stream and a 250 years old beautiful maple tree standing sturdily next to it.

For night tour, we had a short firefly trail after dinner. It does takes some photography skill to capture images of the little insects. So, I would recommend anyone to be there in-person to experience the trip.

This is an organized tour starting in the afternoon 2pm. Below sharing the itineraries in brief:

  1. Arrive at Kuang Hua Ting Ben Tzu Recreation Area (嘉義縣竹崎鄉光華村)
  2. Gather at stone table for Tea drinking session.
  3. Tour-guided short eco tour around the community.
  4. Dinner at the local restaurant.
  5. Tour-guided short firefly trail.


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