Night Glow Concert, Hot Air Balloons in Luye Gaotai, 2017

2017 Taiwan International Balloon Festival is an annual event and has been coming to its 6th consecutive year.

The event is going to happen on 30th June to 6th August 2017 at Taitung Luye Gaotai. The sight is grand with sky fills with colorful hot air balloons.

This year’s highlights inculde the night glow concerts on the grassland of Luye Gaotai in Taitung.

There are four nights at 8pm and two happening at the crack of dawn!

What time is it?

4.30 am.

That makes a total of magnificent 6 night glow concerts.

There are held on different townships in Taitung County, therefore, will have to follow-up on the exact schedule and venue.

Luye Gaotai is in Luye Township and others in the same county include Chenggong Township, Chishang Township, Taimali Township, Beinan Township and Taitung City.

Earlier this year, I published a post on Hot Air Balloon in Luye Gaotai Taitung with a short description of event. You might want to view the video to have an idea of this festival last year.

During this period of the grand festival, accommodations and train tickets could possibly be fully booked. It happens every year.

So, it’s good to book in advanced to avoid disappointment at the eleventh hour.

Another thing to take note is the weather. If there is a typhoon forecast on that week, schedule might change. Mind you, this period has frequent typhoons. Take note.

Put this in your bucket list if you are traveling to Taiwan during this period of time, 30th June to 6th August 2017. Be sure to catch the annual event.

Below are the offical websites which include schedules fo Balloon Tethering Ride, how to get to Luye Gaotai, emergency information and more.

  1. Weather forecast by Central Weather Bureau.
  2. More information Taitung, Taiwan, Taiwan International Balloon Festival, 2017.

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