Linkou Valley, Bali Buffalo Pastures, Jinshan Shitoushan Park, SheliXi Waterfalls

Linkou Valley and Bali Buffalo Pastures are the same names of a place. What’s the origin and why is it so instagrammbable for this place?

The breathtaking view of Jinshan Shitoushan Park and how not to miss the secret path to the cape while many amateurish hikers literally did.Grid1

These are the 9 images selected for featuring on Explore Taiwan Community.

  1. Linkou Valley or Bali Buffalo Pastures (林口大峽谷/八里水牛坑)
  2. Jinshan Shitoushan Park, Twin Candlestick Islets (獅頭山公園, 燭臺雙嶼)
  3. Paragliding in Puli Township, Nantou County. (南投, 埔里飛行傘體驗)
  4. SheliXi Waterfalls Group, Majia Township, Pingtung County. (射鹿溪瀑布群)
  5. Streets in Taichung City. A moment is captured. (台中市)
  6. Songbo Harbor, Northern Embankment. (松柏港北堤)
  7. Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung City (美麗島站, 高雄)
  8. Orthodox Lu’ermen Shenmu Temple, Tainan. (正統鹿耳門聖母廟)
  9. Steam-fried bun, Shui Jian Bao (水煎包)

1.  Linkou Valley or Bali Buffalo Pastures (林口大峽谷 or 八里水牛坑)

  • This place started trending last year mid 2016. The view is surrounded by low hills (max 400m a.s.l.) and a small buffalo herds chilling out in muddy puddle. A place be considered ‘picturesque’ plus instagrammable (!)
  • Located in Linkou District, bounded by west of Bali district in New Taipei City and Taoyuan County Line. This place has 2 names. Here’s the origin:-
    1. Linkou Valley (林口大峽谷): In the past, it was a place where massive excavation works done on the hills. This had created steep hill sides with visible ‘scuffled’ marks on the vertical surface. To one who has the imagination, it looks ‘picturesque’ like the grand canyon captured on a pretty small frame, albeit, a far cry from the actual one in Arizona, USA.
    2. Bali Buffalo Pastures (八里水牛坑): Baffalo herds are owned by farmers residing nearby. According to local online source, it started with only a small herd of domesticated ungulates happily gazing in the evergreen pasture. The abundance of tasty grass turns out to be an ideal place for reproduction. Offsprings sprung to larger herds. Over time, passer-bys get curiouser and curiouser, wondering if this is a lost countryside hidden in New Taipei City.

2. Jinshan Shitoushan Park, Twin Candlestick Islets, New Taipei City (獅頭山公園, 燭臺雙嶼)

  • The view is not only the bay with the blue sea. Not shown in this IG photo including the Twin Candlestick Islets, coast with sedimentary rock formation and a secret cave if to explore further by the coast. Do watch out for high tides.
  • Jinshan Shitoushan Park has an easy trial leading to the cape. Distant about 1.2 km for one way from the Jinshan Tourist Information Center.
  • No rope, no climbing, no steep slope, no bushbashing, only need to walk with some well-maintained stairs. Pretty much like garden walk.
  • Quite often missed when reaching to the end of the trail here showing the resting pavilion (screenshot from Google’s Map.)
  • Explore further a little shall one walk pass the The Metal Ring and for another 200 meters ahead will lead you to a totally different place.
  • Be wowed by the view as the hidden treasure unfolds right before your very eyes.
Jinshan Shitoushan Park, Twin Candlestick Islets
Trail to a closer view of Twin Candlestick Islets.

3. Paragliding in Puli Township, Nantou County. (南投, 埔里飛行傘體驗)

  • It’s like experiencing a thrill plus a view other than the crazy deal of adrenaline rush from a bungee jump.
  • Beside Puli Township in Nantou, other places include Wanli District (萬里區) in New Taipei City, Saijia, Sandimen Township, Pintung County (賽嘉, 屏東) and Luye Gaotai paragliding area.
  • Another ideal traveling activity that one could fill two needs with one deed is Hot Air Balloons in Luye Gaotai. Both located in Taitung County, Luye Gaotai Township.

4. SheliXi Waterfalls Group, Majia Township, Pingtung County. (射鹿溪瀑布群)

  • SheliXi Waterfall Group is located at the north-western foothill region of North Dawu Mountain. The latter being the last of mountain group from Central Mountain Range in Taiwan.
  • The formation of the entire stream of waterfall (1000 meters in height) can be divided into a few sections.
  • Some of the waterfalls are not easy to access due to rough terrain, for example, descending 550 meters, including part of the trek with ropes and climbing.
  • Here are the names of the waterfalls from SheliXi Waterfall Group:
    1. Salawan Waterfall (沙拉灣瀑布)
    2. Shiwang Waterfall (獅王瀑布)
    3. Tudanao waterfall (凸大腦瀑布)
    4. Datiebi Waterfall (大貼壁瀑布)
    5. Tuming Chila Waterfall (凸明赤腊瀑布)
  • Why this photo is chosen even there’s no landmark to describe the exact place?
    • Because this image has no digital manipulation and is captured reality as it is, not by brush painting on canvas but through photography; raw and pure. Surrealism photography.

5. Streets in Taichung City. A moment is captured. (台中市)

  • Almost all the streets in Taiwan have a distinctive look similar to those in Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea but not in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • I found it charming and unique to see the hangout signage with large Chinese characters printed in vertical manner.
  • Well, only Chinese characters are able to read and write in vertical manner.
  • To some local people, streets with hangout signage appears to be cluttered and confusing rather than a pleasing sight.
  • On the lighter note, one could easily spot that green hangout of 7-11 stores in 200 meters away. Basically, that’s the convenience.

6. Songbo Harbor, Northern Embankment. (松柏港北堤)

7. Formosa Boulevard Station, Kaohsiung City (美麗島站, 高雄)

  • This station is best known for its massive “Dome of Light” glass artwork by Narcissus Quangliata. Size of 30 meters in diameter and spanning an area 2,180 square metres. Virtual tour here.
  • The most recent art installation goes to Central Park Station (中央公園車站) which is also in Kaohsiung City. The escalator leading to the station platform is surrounded by green-green grass dotted with artificial yellow flowers.
  • Thus, making the environment pleasingly calm and comfortable like riding on a smooth elevator in vanilla minecraft.
  • The 20 most beautiful subway stations around the world.

8. Orthodox Lu’ermen Shenmu Temple, Tainan. 正統鹿耳門聖母廟.

  • Probably a mistake on location tagged by contributor. Suggested place with similar architecture will be Orthodox Lu’ermen Shenmu Temple in Tainan City.
  • Featuring Northern-Chinese palatial style achitecture, the area including the surrounding moat and parade square is about 35,000 square meters.
  • Public transportation available at Tainan Station, Bus 99 Taijiang Route and map.
  • Check out this scope on my visit on 1 April 2017.

9. Steam-fried bun, Shui Jian Bao (水煎包)

  • With fried and later steamed seem to tell 2 different cooking processes.
  • Whatever it takes, try this snacks when you visit night market in Taiwan.

All the photos are briefly described and not meant to be detailed.

Casual writing prose and information are in bite-sized.

It aims to give readers a quick idea of the names, locations, its background, travel tips, suggestions, alternative places and the Chinese name for easy references.

To contiune next post for Instagram’s Multi-photos Post #3.

P.S. I might start from Post #4 and later #3.

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