Summiting to Pintian Peak, Wuling

Summiting to Pintian Peak is for hiker with a good head for heights. Pintian Mountain (品田山) is one of the 4 ‘beauties’ in Wuling Sixiu, Shei-pa National Park. It is located in central Taiwan.

Wuling Sixiu is a long trail starting from Wuling Farm and ascend to the center of ridge line of the 4 peaks.

Oftentimes, 3 days 2 nights with schedule of 2 peaks per day and a last day for descending.

Territory in Shei-pa National Park is broad and wide. Between Taichung County and Hsinchu County. This national park is mainly divided into 3 areas. Wuling (武陵), Guanwu (觀霧) and Shuejian (雪見).

Below sharing a documentary video by MIT Taiwan.

I have some photos which will need time to post. Also more details I hope to add into this post.

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