The best time to travel to Tainan City

The best time to travel to Tainan City is spring season, between the month of February to May. And, late autumn from October to December.

The temperature you’ll be experiencing range between 20°C to 26°C in the warm afternoon. Plus, comfortably low humidity and 3-4 hours of sun.

You might be thinking December and February will be too cold. The fact is most of the days in Tainan, you’ll get warm sunshine in the afternoon.

The inflow of cold mass from north happens during winter, especially December and January.

The mean frequency is 1.5 times per month and last about 4.5 days usually. Cold as in 12°C at night but not bitter cold or snowing. Meaning to say, comfortably cold weather 3 times for that particular 2 winter months.

Consider that 2 months unfavourable if you couldn’t bear the coldness.

So, when is the least ideal months for travellers?


To the local, there refer the period between Tomb Sweeping Day and Mid-Autumn Day. Incredibly hot days in the year.

But, summer has got the most happening activities in Tainan. Just like the kinetic theory of matter. As temperature rises, the heat gets every molecules moving nonstop.

If you don’t travel to Tainan during summer, you could have missed a whole lot of events.

In the recent TripAdvisor news, Tainan has ranked 7 out of the 10 Top Trending Travel Spots for 2018 with Travellers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise Award.

“Tainan is the oldest city in Taiwan with over 200 years of history as the capital of Taiwan under Koxinga and later Qing Dynasty rule. Now a modern city of commerce and trade, history and culture, it is also a religious centre, with more than a thousand temples including Taiwan’s first Confucian temple. A foodie heaven, Tainan is also known as Taiwan’s food capital, with its delectable local dishes and famous street food that is not to be missed.” – TripAdvisor, Media Center

Below sharing a video introducing about Tainan city in summer. Credit: LoganDBeck 小見

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