Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling, The English-Friendly Food Outlet

Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling, Yongkang District, Shengxue Road

Taiwanese cuisine, super brunch, dinner or simply snack; dumpling is the best choice for your meal. Try this English-friendly food outlet, Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling (八方雲集-永康勝學店 ), located in Yongkang District, Shengxue Road, Tainan City.

This outlet is serving its customer with the help of English menu for these mouth-watering dumplings. The English menu is simple to understand, plus those photos of the dumpling and Kuotei above the food descriptions make a whole lot easier to take your order.

Oftentimes, I have to use the mobile apps to translate those Chinese characters. That troubles me to the extend of not wanting to dine in that restaurant without food menu in English language.

Now, I just ask for the English menu, go to the ordering counter of Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling outlet, show them your order from the menu. Simple for anyone to do it, likewise.

Other food choices on the English menu include noodle soup, dumpling in soup, wonton, mushroom soup, side dishes and drinks, like soybean milk.

Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling, Yongkang District, Shengxue Road
Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling, Yongkang District, Shengxue Road

During the Lunar New Year period, dumpling is one of the essential food dishes at home or for individual servings. The shape of it resembling gold ingot says about the symbolism of ushering good wealth for the new year. It’s a tradition not to be missed.

However, eating dumpling, be it cooked by boiling or the pan-fried Kuotie, is not a seasonal food only for Lunar New Year. Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling is serving the dish all year round.

Moreover, the dish is not like having chicken drumstick or pork chop with rice. Dumpling has no bones and it’s easy to eat. Chives with pork is my favorite. Or, the pan-fried Kuotie; crispy on the outside, tender on the inside to munch on to your heart’s content.

Mainly 2 different ways this snack are cooked. The English-friendly food outlet, Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling, serves either steamed or pan-fried. For both types, each can have different stuffing. Commonly, pork mix with chives, cabbages or leek.

Frozen dumplings are also available and it’s shown on the food menu. Purchase it right at the counter, bring it home and have a simple boiling of those food does the work.

Whenever you dine in Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling food outlet, just know which of the 2 types of servings and fillings you want in your order.

Naming a few, Cabbage & Pork Dumpling, Leek & Pork Dumpling, or slightly spicy Curry Flavored Pork Dumpling. Same goes to the pan-fried dumpling, Kuotie.

One last thing to take note.

If you are not good at using chopsticks, use a fork, instead. It’s a task way too easy to accomplish to make your day worth dining at Ba Fang Yun Ji Dumpling food outlet.


This blog post is sponsored by Bureau of Economic Development, Tainan City Government (臺南市政府經濟發展局廣告).
For more information: Tainan EZ Go! or Facebook Page.


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