Tefuye Old Trail at Alishan Chiayi

Tefuye Old Trail at Alishan Chiayi, Taiwan

Peacock pine trees stand tall and proud. Weather, wet and misty but never a difficult one. It used to be a railway route. Literally flat terrain throughout.

There is a trail with moderate terrain hidden on the left side of the old railway route. Trail head could be hard to identify because it was steep at initial.

Cannot remember the name of the moderately difficult trail next to Tefuye Old Trail.

I will share the post in future. Also, some other Alishan trails, the less beaten path only local people will know.

Tefuye Old Trail at Alishan in Chiayi is worth a visit.

Still, the same ancient old trail. Enjoy!

This is a quick post of photo gallery. Some photos could be repeating but its a quick post and I don’t sort that out.

Taken about 3 years ago and been sitting on my PC desktop for a long time after post-edit.

Due to its bulk sharing, small image files were my early inention to load into this blog.

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